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Aspire to inspire.
Ad ingenium faciendum.
In the nation’s service and the service of humanity.

These are the mottos I grew up with that are at the heart of Aspire Prep. Our philosophy is that students who are nurtured and befriended by generous, brilliant, kind people will identify with those qualities themselves. Our tutors are awesome. Not only are they Princeton graduates, but also Hollywood writers, former pro basketball players, lawyers, comedians, former associates at JP Morgan,  the list goes on. They are people your children will look up to and, consequently, will want to emulate. Our tutors want that too. We are here for the long hall, whether it is a simple test prep program or a decade of tutoring through high school and beyond.

Students with inspiring mentors will aspire to greater heights. 

Every one of our tutors has a degree from Princeton University.
We are a family and bring that sense of closeness to yours.

Additionally, every one of our tutors has been hand-chosen and trained by the President – filtered for their academic achievement, teaching expertise and lovable personalities. Consequently, Aspire Prep includes a brilliant, engaging, motivating team of mentors. We all have the same goal: to inspire students not only to do well in school and on tests, but also to understand how equally important it is for students to be proud of who they are as people. 

We are not looking to run a tutoring factory. Tutors at Aspire Prep work here because they love being part of their students’ lives, on a personal and academic level. We believe that the stronger the relationship between the tutor and student, the more opportunity that student has to see and believe in how far he or she can go.

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