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College Essay Writing Boot Camp





In this 4-day/2-weekend boot camp, our team of instructors will coach students through the extremely difficult process of writing and editing meaningful college essays. The essay is a chance for students to help the admissions committee see a real, thinking and feeling person, rather than simply a file. With the exception of the interview, the essay is the student’s – your – only chance to share your thoughts, insights and opinions; to highlight your accomplishments; to convey your outlook on life; and to demonstrate that they can communicate clearly.

In this boot camp, we will look at examples of successful—and not-so-successful—writing. We will help students generate topics – often the hardest part of the process – and flesh out drafts. This workshop provides a unique opportunity for students to focus solely and intensely on the essay before classes begin in September. In addition to working on essays, our instructors will provide students with indispensible information about the current realities of the admissions process.


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