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Summer SAT Test Boot Camp





For the first time in over 40 years, the College Board has opened up a recurring test date at the end of August –August 27th this year – a decision that seems long overdue. In a typical school year, students must find time to balance academics, sports, winter & spring breaks, AP preparation, final exams, friends and family obligations. Now add ACT/SAT and subject test prep to that pile, and you have an entirely zonked sophomore or junior.

An August date means that students can now take advantage of summer months to focus on their test prep, free from academic obligations and without the concern of forgetting everything they learned over the summer while waiting for the October date.

Aspire Prep offers 1-week ACT and SAT boot camps, individually designed to give students an intense injection of content and strategy with which to approach their test. Students can choose to either be bullied by the test or be the test’s boss. Our boot camp provides the tools for the latter.  Each day will focus on a different aspect of the chosen test – English, Reading, Math, and Science (ACT only) – with a concluding, full-length, proctored practice test at the end of the week. Students will receive:

  • Original Aspire Prep materials
  • Full-length diagnostic test with score report
  • Self-prep guide and work plans for independent study post-boot camp
  • Enormously entertaining instruction
  • and plenty of snacks.

Consistent with each instructor at Aspire Prep, our summer boot camp instructors are all Princeton graduates, ready to pass on the secrets of their own success in acing these tests.  Both beginner and accelerated courses available.

Sign up today!  Boot camp enrollment is limit, by design, so be sure to sign up early.

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