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Summer Academic Calculus Boot Camp





Your brain is a muscle. If you don’t exercise it, it gets weaker, just like any other muscle.  Ask my abs… they can attest.

While we all recognize that the last thing any student wants to do with their summer break is study Calculus or Chemistry… uh… we’re offering Calculus and Chemistry boot camps!

We have found that these two courses in particular present the greatest challenge to students and are, simultaneously, amongst the classes given greatest attention by admissions directors when students are applying to college. They are important classes, is what I’m saying. And challenging. Worth a week of your summer to save yourself a lot more angst once the school year has started.

Aspire Prep’s 2-day Calculus and Chemistry boot camps are designed to give students a foundation in each of these topics prior to taking the full class (regular, Honors and AP).  They will cover the fundamentals in each topic:

  • Chemistry: structure of matter, reaction types, reaction rates, stoichiometry
  • Calculus: functions, limits, continuity, introduction to derivatives, applications of derivatives

Taking a class we don’t offer?  We can add subjects, enrollment allowing. Submit a request here for added academic boot camps and we’ll be in touch:



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