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In the thick of a circuitous career route – chef, turned video game producer, turned hopeful med student working
at Cedar Sinai – I began Aspire Prep by mistake. After substitute-teaching a Statistics class at UCLA, pursuing

her medical Post-Bac, I got approached by several students asking if I could tutor them on the side. Tutoring
was not new to me, as I have tutored since high school, so I said sure.
Then the word got out that I could tutor any S.T.E.M. subject – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Math
through Calculus, Statistics obviously. Easy peasy. That got the phone ringing.
THEN the word got out that I love helping people (hence the doctor thing) and have no backbone when it comes
to students asking for my time. That got the texts and emails coming.
The rest is history.

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